CCL Choice DVD Writer Optical Drive - (CDR0150)

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Main Features

  • Connection Type: SATA
  • Drive Type: DVD Writer


22X DVD writer features fast speed with green concept. Fast lead in, low noise, low power consumption and light weight. Always at the forefront of speed technology, this lightning quick writer intuitively detects the media type and automatically writes in the optimal speed for the disc. So all you have to do is just click to burn your disc. But don't walk away - it'll be done before you have a chance to make a cup of coffee.

Main Features:

Blazing speed makes this DVD writer a trailblazer
Low heat. Low noise. Low power consumption
Windows 7 compatibility
Engineered for extreme reliability
Buffer Underrun Free
Speed Adjustment Technology (S.A.T)
Firmware Live Update
SpeedPlus power speed technology

What are CCL Choice products?

If you are not particularly concerned by the manufacturer, why not allow CCL to choose for you? We cannot guarantee what brands will go into the CCL Choice products, however what we can guarantee is that they will be the cheapest we can find. We will not compromise on quality, warranty or features. As a result we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive this product. Our stock will generally be made up of industry recognisable names as the manufacturers will often approach us to clear their stock. By using the CCL Choice brand it doesn't upset the market, due to this pictures are for illustrational purposes only so we don't give the game away. CCL has a fantastic reputation we do not want to jeopardise, so trust us and our CCL Choice products!


Optical Drive
Optical Drive Type DVD-RW
Supported Formats DVD/CD
Item Details
Manufacturer CCL Choice
Part Number CCL-DVDRW-BLK-525
EAN 8806085376625
UPC 884938150521
Condition New



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