Verbatim (700MB) CD-RW 80 Minute 12x Hi Speed Jewel Case Pack of 10 - (MED1171)

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CD-RW (Compact Disc - Rewritable) means that you can use the discs more than once and that the contents of the discs can be erased and rewritten. Verbatim CD-RW discs can be rewritten a minimum of 1,000 times. CD-RW discs are used just like CD-R discs. Some software may handle CD-RW in a slightly different way, because you can do things like erase individual files, but the recorder technology is nearly identical. The Verbatim Hi-Speed CD-RW discs have an even newer developed recording layer, which is different from the standard 2x-4x CD-RWs.

Main Features:

  • High Performance Recording Layer
  • Extra Protection Durability Layer
  • Minimum of 1000 times overwrite
  • 700 MB Capacity
  • Life Time Warranty


Certified Recording Speed 12x
Form Factor Jewel Case
Product Comprises 1 Pack(s)
Each Containing 10
Total 10 Piece(s)
EC Commodity Code 85234190
ISPC Code 41211
Spicers Number 712813
Vow Number VM31480
Warranty Lifetime.
Item Details
Manufacturer Verbatim
Part Number 43148
UPC 023942431480
Condition New



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