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Ducky DK9008 Shine 2 78 Version 7 LED 8 Switch Mechanical Keyboard *Open Box* - (KBD0611X)

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New Limited Edition Shine 2 78 Version featuring 7 different LED colours and 8 different Cherry MX Switches.
New lighting features are introduced  including a pulsing mode as well as a reactive lighting mode
where keys light up when they are depressed. Users can customize their lighting mode and save it in
2 different profiles.





Key Switch

CHERRY MX Red / Brown / Blue / Black / Green / Dark Grey / White Clear / White Milk


Supporting Keys

6-Key Rollover or N-Key Rollover






Double layer laser, engraved keycaps



Levels of Brightness

6 Levels


Lighting Colours

Red / Pink / Yellow / White / Blue / Green / Orange



Lighting Modes

Full Backlit, 60% Backlit & Selected Keys Backlit (with 2 configurable profiles).



Lighting Effects

Pulsing, Reactive & Scrolling text marquee



LED Brightness In Modes

60%, Full Backlit, Reactive, Selected Keys Backlit.



Multimedia Keys

7 Keys



DIP Switch Instructions

1. Left Ctrl & Caps Lock exchange position


2. Left Alt & Left Windows Key exchange position


3. Windows Key Lock


4. USB N-Key Rollover or USB 6-Key Rollover

Please note that this is an open box clearance item. It may have been repaired by the manufacturer, or returned to us by another customer who purchased it in error. The price has been reduced to reflect this.

Clearance items should be as new and of course should be a real bargain. All clearance items are working and have been fully tested. Although every effort has been made to ensure that open box items are supplied with their original accessories, some packages may not be 100% complete. But we are confident you will receive the essentials.

This item is supplied with a 12 month warranty.

Main Features:

  • PCB double-sided routing, safety guaranteed.
  • A removable mini USB connector.
  • Illuminated keyboard, charming and fascinating.
  • Standard Lighting Modes: Full Backlit, 60% Backlit & Selected Keys Backlit (with 2 configurable profiles).
  • Reactive Mode - Keys light up when depressed.
  • Laser printed keycaps, UV Coated.
  • On / Off Dip switch to define the functions of the keyboard.


Item Details
Manufacturer Ducky
Condition Open Box