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Xiaomi Ninebot mini (Black) EN - (TOY0168)

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Every ride is a new adventure

Life is an adventure itself, and we ought to travel the distance to experience the fullest. Step on our Ninebot mini and be in awe of the cutting-edge technology that propels it forward. It comes with a self-balancing mechanism, moves forward easily with just a slight tilt of your body. The simplified riding experience is powered by a combination of advanced control algorithms, precision sensors, and high-performance processors. Embark on a new adventure and ride up to 22km in a single charge.

Master a new riding skill in just 3 minutes

We've designed it to be so easy that you don't need long hours of practice to master riding the Ninebot mini. Simply just step on the scooter and start riding it like a pro within minutes. The ergonomic design combines many precision sensors, continuously captures the slightest movements at least 200 times within a second, keeping you balanced the whole time. The innovative Leansteer® knee control bar allows you to steer easily and precisely, so you'll be able to ride with greater stability.

4X faster than walking 700 watt, high-performance dual-motor engine

The Ninebot mini may be small but is engineered to outperform. It weighs a mere 12.8kg and is able to travel up to 16km/h, which is 4X faster than typical walking speeds. You can even move 15° inclines and conquer various road conditions, without sacrificing safety and stability. Expect strength and stability behind this scooter, powered by dual-motor engine with a total output power of 700 watts and instantaneous power of 2000 watts. It performs almost like a motorcycle, but difference is, it has low noise level and is easy to maintain.

Road adaptive

Climbs 15° inclines and over small obstacles easily

A new set of adventures await each time you set out on the Ninebot mini. Just the engine alone is not enough to ensure stability and safety, so our engineers have specially designed a dynamic power algorithm that automatically identifies the terrains and conditions you're traveling on and dynamically adjusts the instantaneous power to suit the situation.

When you are approaching a small obstacle, the power instantaneously increases. This enhances the stability of the Ninebot mini, allowing you to move comfortably past it. It comes with a 9cm chassis height and meticulously designed shock absorbing pads that significantly reduces sudden jolts. It has a IP54 rating, which means you can travel even when it rains.

Combines safety and visual appeal

Automatic LED color lighting system

To ensure your safety, we have included a lighting system that consists of automatic headlights and LED tailights. The headlights help light the way and illuminate up to a distance of 5m ahead. The 2 LED tailights, by default, are in blue. It turns red when you're braking and turns yellow when you're turning left or right.

The lighting system is designed for safety and is unexpectedly visually appealing too. Customize your tailights with over 16 million color options and combinations. Now when you step on the Ninebot mini, it feels almost like you're stepping on the dance floor, all ready to dazzle.

Driverless mode Bluetooth-enabled, play it like a huge remote control car

Operate the Ninebot mini in 2 different ways. Step on it and start driving, or even control using your phone via Bluetooth. Turn 360° and easily adjust the speed and direction from your phone. You can now deliver gifts on your Ninebot mini and even compete with your friend's Ninebot to see which finishes first.

22km battery range

The Ninebot mini has an amazing battery range of 22km. It is equipped with a high-performance, large-capacity 18,650 lithium battery pack that continuously discharges up to 1,200 watts, suitable for extended journeys.

This extended battery life doesn't just solely rely on the battery itself, but is also due to the smart battery management system. It monitors the health status of each battery in real-time, spreads out the load when the battery level is low, and automatically sends warning to your phone to ensure that each ride is safe. So now you can go further, longer, and safer with our Ninebot mini.

Self-learning mechanism. Get hooked on riding.

While you're learning to improve on your driving skills, the Ninebot mini is also continuously learning to further enhance your riding experience. This intelligent self-learning algorithm combines over 10 years of combined industry knowledge from Ninebot and Segway. It utilizes built-in precision weight, movement, speed, temperature, and power sensors to capture your body's movements and uses these information to produce an algorithm that suits you best. Now you can ride better and safer with a companion that understands you best.

Unlock and manage with your smartphone

You can easily operate the Ninebot mini with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Your phone isn't just a key to your scooter, but once someone tries to steal a locked Ninebot mini, the vehicle will set off an alarm and you will also receive an alert on your phone.

Check your current speed from the dashboard and operate it like a huge remote control car from your phone. There is also built-in diagnostic features, so if it detects any irregularities, it sends an alert and proposes a suitable solution. Regularly receive firmware upgrades and even customize your settings to your preference.

Anti-slip tires, magnesium alloy rims

Good tires and rims are essential for the safety and comfort of our riders. Our engineers have included a 10.5" pneumatic, air-filled tires that provide military-grade shock resistance. These tires also have design lines that have been meticulously engineered to smooth out bumps and absorb vibrations as you ride. As compared to typical 6" to 8" tires, the ride is a lot smoother, damping effects are visibly better.

Aircraft-grade alloy frame

The Ninebot mini is constructed with magnesium alloy, an industry standard for aircraft and aviation because of its ultralight and highly durable elements. The magnesium alloy frame weighs only 0.6kg, provides higher shock absorption performance, is more elastic, dissipates heat well, and is able to withstand heavier loads as compared to aluminium alloy. The frame has also been coated with corrosion-resistant material to withstand the journeys you'll be embarking on, over time.

15 types of security features

Safety has always been our primary concern when we designed the Ninebot mini. We have combined over 16 years of industry experience from both Ninebot and Segway companies, more than 400 patented technologies, to produce security features that are a notch above the rest. The Ninebot mini has been rigorously tested in over 50 reliability tests, and has reached military standards to guarantee performance and excellent durability. Of course, as much as we've done our part in ensuring the safety of our users, it is important and essential for users to ride safely in real-life situations and be on the safe side of the road.

First-mover in self-balancing vehicles

Ninebot and Segway are inventors and originators of self-balancing scooters. Segway is designed and developed by Dean Kamen's research and development company, DEKA. In 2005, Segway was presented as a gift to the Japanese prime minister from the President of the United States and even used on stage during the Beijing 2008 Olympic games. It is also widely used as a smart scooter for most security personnels and in large spaces for greater transport convenience.

Dean Kamen had high hopes of revolutionizing the world. He once told the media that maybe not all 6 billion of us would clamor at once to own a self-balancing smart scooter, but to him, that seemed only a matter of time. Today, we're a step closer to his ambition. With the all-new Ninebot mini that combines Ninebot's and Segway's over 16 years of industry experience, it is way easier to bring self-balancing scooters to every household.


Battery Size 30 X 18,650 high-capacity lithium battery
Input Voltage 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Output Voltage Approx. 63VDC
Output Current 70W
Power 2100W
Case Colour Black
Pack Quantity 1
Width 54.8cm
Height 59.5cm
Weight 12.8kg
Warranty 1 Year
Item Details
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Part Number QBE4013RT
Condition New