Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic (Black) - (SPK3623)

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Give your ears a treat

These headphones adopt our well-loved piston design that's been known to deliver on superior sound quality and bass performance. Robust and lightweight, they are made with strengthened polycarbonate for ultimate wearing comfort so you can stay plugged in for hours without missing a beat.

Longlasting copper voice coils

At the heart of each headphones are highly durable copper voice coils that are engineered to enhance sound quality. These voice coils also add life to the headphones, enabling them to last longer.

Dual damping system for purer sound quality

Sound waves produced by the diaphragm are reflected by the wall of the sound chamber back on to the diaphragm, interfering with sound restoration in the headphones. The dual damping system in Mi In-ear Headphones disperses the reflected sound waves and reduces their effects on the diaphragm, giving you a purer audio experience.

No breaks and tangles with Kevlar fibers

Strong kevlar fibers are sheathed in TPE to reduce tangles, resist breaks, and enhance durability.

Yours to control

Answer calls, skip songs and adjust volumes with the remote controller. Fully compatible with most Android devices, partially compatible on iOS devices (volume up/down functions not supported).



Speaker Sensitivity 93dB
Speaker Impedance 16
Connector Type 3.5mm nickle-plated
Form Factor In-ear
Case Colour Black
Pack Quantity 1
Weight 10g
Cable Length 1.2m
Form Factor Enameled Copper Wire
Warranty 1 Year
Item Details
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Part Number ZBW4354TY
EAN 6970244522184
Condition New