WASDkeys M200 2500dpi USB Laser Gaming Mouse with On-board Memory and Lighting Effects - (MOU2975)

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The WASDkeys M200 gaming mouse is the perfect choice for gamer's that care about the highest standards of ergonomic design and performance. The shape of this gaming peripheral masterpiece is built to perfectly fit into your right hand. The special sweat absorbing mouse-skin makes sure you never lose control on your moves; even in high pressure situations. With its powerful 20g high-speed acceleration, it delivers state of the art technology to support your gameplay; even under hardest conditions.

To secure that your moves turn into successful actions in the game, we have equipped this powerful beast with a full-speed USB plug, that delivers 8-times higher transmission rate than conventional USB plugs. With the driver you can customise your individual settings. The on-board memory makes sure you can use these settings on multiple systems on-the-go. To complete the extensive feature set of this highly ergonomic gaming weapon, we have added illumination effects; which adds an stylish look leaving your opponents mesmerised.

Main Features:

  • High Resolution Laser
  • Resolution: 2500dpi, Adjustable (Steps)
  • Acceleration: 20g
  • Perfect Ergonomic Design for Right-handed Use
  • Special Anti-Sweat Surface
  • Illumination Effects
  • On-board Memory


Item Details
Manufacturer WASDkeys
Part Number M200
EAN 4251236200054
Condition New



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