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Energenie MiHome Smart Single Non-Dim Light Switch (Brushed Steel) - (NET2872)

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** - Suitable for Dimmable LED, Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, up to 5 bulbs per circuit (not exceeding 250W total) - NOT suitable for Flourescent, CFL or Non- Dimmable LED bulbs **

This is a radio controlled switch for the switching of mainspower to lighting and appliances up to 250W. Only the Line is switched to the load. Switching is initiated either by radio control or manually by pressing the button on the housing. It is compatible with Mi |Home Remote Control (MIHO003) and the Mi |Home network. It is a receive-only device operating in the 433MHz ISM short-range band using OOK modulation.


Item Details
Manufacturer Energenie
Part Number MIHO026
EAN 5060166036287
Condition New