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Energenie MiHome Energy Monitor - (NET2819)

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The MiHome Energy Monitor is a monitor only product. The Energy Monitor allows you to monitor the amount of electricity being used by the appliance plugged in to the socket. Using the MiHome App you are able to group these and then explore how much energy is being used by different sets of adapters. The App also shows this data over time and as a cost by using your electricity tariff.

Main Features:

  • The Monitor adaptor is part of the MiHome home automation range
  • The Monitor adaptor allows you to monitor the power being used by an attached appliance
  • The MiHome monitor adaptor sends energy data information back to the App
  • This allows you to monitor how much energy each device is using and also track it over time
  • The adaptors can also be grouped together so that you can monitor the energy usage of a group of devices
  • The Monitor adaptor cannot be switched by the app and only transmits information


Form Factor Adaptor
Case Colour White
Pack Quantity 1
Mains Voltage (Minimum) 230 V AC
Mains Voltage (Maximum) 250 V AC
Item Details
Manufacturer Energenie
Part Number MIHO004
EAN 5060166035754
Condition New