Raijintek MORPHEUS II CORE EDITION Graphics Card Cooler - (CLR1645)

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MORPHEUS II CORE EDITION is a whole heatsink black coated and superior high-end VGA cooler, designed to meet a cooling capacity up to 360 Watts TDP. Morpheus II core edition comes with 12 copper heat-pipes, 129 fins, mirror copper base, and the option to install 2 x 120mm fans - this outstanding combination and design provide the best acceleration of the heat dissipation process to ensure your VGA board runs at optimal temperature. Additionally, Morpheus II core edition comes with 26 RAM heat-sinks & 1 big VRM heat-sink, and is compatible with most modern nVIDIA & AMD (Hawaii & Curacao) GPU's.

Main Features:

  • Cooling capacity up to 360 watts TDP
  • 12 pcs copper heat-pipes and 129 pcs fins for efficient heat dissipation
  • 24pcs heat-sink for RAM & 1 big heat-sink for VRM
  • High compatibility with modern & future VGA cards
  • Thermal adhesive to lower RAM and VRM temperature significantly and assure proper bond
  • Compatible with AMD R9 390x, R9 Fury, Hawaii chip (R9 290/290x), Curacao chip (HD 7850, 7870 xt
  • Compatible with nVIDIA GTX Series Chip 1080, 970, 980, 980Ti, 780Ti, 780, 770, 760, 650, 650Ti, 660, 660Ti, 680
  • Supports two 120mm fans (8 fan clips in the box)
  • Whole heatsink black coated


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Manufacturer Raijintek
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