Ducky Year of the Monkey Limited Edition Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches & RGB Lighting (UK) - (KBD1421)

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Main Features

  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Black
  • Backlit / Illuminated
  • Cherry MX Brown Keys


Two Colour Anodized Finish

With a high quality aluminium top case.

Unique Limited Number

Limited version: Only manufactured 2016 pcs worldwide. Each keyboard applies with an unique limited number on it.

Operational Flexibility Mouse Bungee

Can install on right or left side and adjust the direction.

Removable Rubber Feet

A solid feeling pair of rubber feet are installed for the user who prefer higher angles on their keyboard.

Designated FN Key Position

User can through DIP switches to designated Fn position or disable it. (Default: Off, Off, Off)

A Variety of Colourful RGB Backlighting

  • 100% Full Backlighting, Breathing, Color Cycling, Wave and Rain Drop mode.
  • Allow users to adjust RGB backlighting color and decrease/ increase speed.

Ducky Colour Palette

Activate Color Palette to display 108 different colors, Press to select the color you pick to complete setting.

LED Zone Customisation

This mode provides 2 sets of user customizable memory for storing whichever key you want to light up and the color of the backlight. These zones are independent of other backlight modes and can be used concurrently.

Side LED Lighting

RGB LED on each side of the keyboard, and also provide many modes including Smart, 100% Full backlight, Marquee and Color Cycling.

Dual-layer PCB

This will give longer life expectancy as well as signal stability of the keyboard functions.

Brighter SMD RGB LEDs

3528 SMD RGB LED and in back soldering technology to improve the backlight brightness.

USB N-Key Rollover

Under USB, the Ducky YOTM can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. You can use the keyboard confidently in any situations knowing that there will never be ghosting or key blocking issue. Also can switch to 6-Key Rollover mode.

Gold-plated USB Cable

Ducky uses the fastest rate available under the USB interface, and updates the keyboard's status to the computer every 1 ms (millisecond). This minimize the delay when the keys are pressed and signal received by your computer.( 1ms = 0.001s )

Multimedia Function Keys

Ducky offers more options for each key, including multimedia and mouse function keys that up to 24 different kinds of multimedia features.

Windows Common Function Keys

Ducky Macro also allow user to recording Windows common function key on each key.

Main Features:

  • Made in Germany Cherry MX RGB switches.
  • Dual layer PCB.
  • More brightness 3528 SMD RGB LED.
  • In back soldering technology to improve the backlight.
  • Side LED lighting, allow user to designated color.
  • Ducky's innovative backlighting effect: Reactive and LED Zone Customization Mode.
  • Ducky Macro 2.0, powerful hardware control feature.
  • User can through DIP switches to designated Fn position.


Item Details
Manufacturer Ducky
Part Number DKYOTM2016-BUKADAAT1
EAN 4712883264511
Condition New



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