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Cougar 300K Gaming Keyboard UK Layout - (KBD1418)

£20.78 inc VAT

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Main Features

  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Black
  • Backlit / Illuminated


COUGAR 300K Gaming Keyboard

COUGAR 300K comes in a stunningly powerful design that will allow you to enjoy a superb gaming keyboard that can double as an exceptional conventional keyboard too! When the time for gaming comes, just press the mode switch key to enter the Game Mode and see how 300K transforms in a true gaming monster. Record macros with different playback modes and enjoy many other functions without installing anything with one of the greatest keyboards ever!

Driver-Free Macro Recording and Storage

All the Power, None of the Hassle

Having the power to record macros is great. If, as with 300K, you get up to 12 macros stored in the on-board memory and with 3 different playback modes it gets even better. That you can do this easily, at any moment, and directly from the keyboard is a gamer’s dream come true.

6KRO + Anti-Ghosting Technology

Extra Accuracy, Where It Matters

COUGAR 300K includes advanced anti-ghosting technology that becomes active when the keyboard enters in the Game Mode. Apart from the standard 6-Key Rollover (that is enough for the vast majority of situations), the extra Anti-Ghosting technology in the 24 keys essential for gaming will allow you to simultaneously press any number of those keys and still get perfectly accurate results.

Standard and Game Modes

Gaming and the Rest of Your Life, with a Single Keyboard

COUGAR 300K’s two different modes allow you to use 300K as a comfortable and accurate keyboard for day to day tasks and, when the time for gaming comes, transform it in a true gaming beast, with all the functionality you need to face any foe. In this way, standard features don’t get in gaming’s way and gaming features don’t affect the keyboard’s behavior.


Item Details
Manufacturer Cougar
Part Number 37300XNSY.0011
EAN 4541995031441
UPC 871520002641
Condition New



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