Zalman CNPS90F Compact Aluminium Intel and AMD CPU Cooler - (CLR0663)

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Honeycomb fin design

Optimized the angle with honeycomb fin, helps to increase the airflow , minimize the noise.

Optimised heat dissipation structure

Down blowing type design. Through emitting the air straight from the fan to the mother board, it cools down not only the CPU but also the components around it.

Minimised noise 92mm FSB fan

One of the Advanced Sleeve bearing FSB Fluid Shield Bearing) applied to prevent dust and strong cooling performance with 92mm fan with minimized noise.

Shark fin blade fan applied

Shark fin blade helps to reduce the turbulence generated while the turning of the fan, which helps to reduce noise and vibration, at the same time increases the air flow.

Compact light design

60mm high, small enough to mount into LP(Low Profile) case, perfect for home theater PC, with weight only 240g.

Easy installation

Wide compatibility and easy installation.


  • Dimensions  116(L) x 112(W) x 60(H)mm
  • Weight  240g
  • Base Material  Pure Aluminum
  • Fan Size  92mm
  • Bearing Type  FSB (Fluid Sheild Bearing)
  • Fan RPM  2300rpm ±10%
  • Fan Noise  29dBA



Main Features:

  • Honeycomb fin design
  • Optimised head dissipation structure
  • Minimised noise 92mm FSB fan
  • Shark fin blade fan
  • Compact light size
  • Easy installation


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