Sony DVD-RW 4.7GB 120 min 2x Speed Jewel Case - (MED0198)

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Now you can create, edit and archive home movies and digital photos, while storing and accessing data from one disc. DVD-RW discs capture all digital data brilliantly, and are large enough to hold oversized digital movie files. They can hold 4.7GB of information, which means it is possible to record 120 minutes of MPEG2 video footage with outstanding picture quality. Please note: All recorded DVDs may not be playback compatible with some older and/or entry level DVD systems.

Main Features:

  • Create and store digital video, audio and multimedia files
  • Store up to 4.7GB or more than two hours of MPEG2 Video
  • Compatible for playback with most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives
  • Quick random access and recording speed
  • DVD Video picture quality


DVD Recording Capacity 4.7 GB
Recording Time (Maximum) 120 minutes
Certified Recording Speed 1X to 2X
Certified Recording Speed (Low) 1X
Certified Recording Speed (High) 2X
ISPC Code 41212
Vow Number SZ76305
Item Details
Manufacturer Sony
Part Number 5DMW47A
UPC 027242868267
Condition New



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