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Mathew Wade

I'm a 34 year old technical analyst and programmer for a multinational corporation. I live in Wakefield with my wife and twin boys. Self confessed geek, chef and photographer. I also like to travel.

I started in IT after leaving school at the age of 16. I have moved up the ranks between a handful of companies recently leaving Thomas Cook from their IT department and moving to Pitney Bowes where I design, implement and maintain billing systems for a myriad of companies from Glasgow to Abu Dhabi. I love technology of all sorts, I enjoy my Xbox and my iPad and more recently a Windows 8 Phone. I have been gaming since my Amstrad CPC 464 and my beloved Amiga 1200 which really got me interested in computing.

  • At CCL since November 2012
  • CCL Tech Writer
  • Dislikes Bad drivers (car and computer), Getting pwned on BF3 and Disobedient twins

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