Overall I’d have to say that, at the moment at least, the A10-7870K is unfortunately somewhat disappointing. While it may be able to attain higher speeds through overclocking and see some improvement there, at stock speeds at least it’s almost completely on par with the 7850K. As before, I would suspect that when the next Catalyst drivers are released it will likely see a bit of a performance boost from drivers actually designed for it though as with any driver release there’s also a possibility that it would improve the 7850K’s performance too. I’ll be very interested to see if this is the case when the next update comes out.

As with the 7850K, paired with a mid range graphics card you’re going to see perfectly serviceable performance in games. Having tried it out with my new GeForce GTX 960 I know that pretty much anything I’ve thrown at it plays very well on high settings, but that kind of defeats the point of the APU.

I’d certainly not recommend buying one as a replacement for an existing 7850K given the marginal performance increase you would see. At the moment there’s only about £5 in it between the two in price, so I’d likely recommend the newer processor simply as there would be very little reason not to – however if it’s going into a quiet build you’d also want to replace the cooler with a quieter third party one and that’s going to bump it’s overall cost up quite a bit.