Using the latest version of the Catzilla benchmark on the 720p test gave serviceable results. While a lot more demanding than you’d get in the majority of games the framerate while testing was low generally but high enough to not be a complete slideshow. First up, the 7850K:


While not a substantially better score, the Catzilla test did see improvement from the 7870K with quite a jump up in both the fluid and raymarch tests.


The loading time is a little higher here, but I don’t believe that comes down to just the processor and can’t rule out a background process that I’d failed to kill kicking in at the same time.

Unigine Heaven

Next, I ran the benchmark from Unigine Heaven. The Heaven and Valley benchmarks have both been around for quite a while now, so don’t use all of the latest technologies such as DirectX 12 but still remains quite a popular benchmarking tool.

I ran the benchmark on the default settings that it loaded, with the quality set to high, tessellation normal and 4xAA in 1920 x 1080, somewhat belatedly realising that this might be a bit higher than I would have liked. As with Catzilla, the framerates aren’t exactly spectacular but these benchmarks are more demanding than your average game.


As before, the 7870K does see a slight performance increase when compared to the 7850K but again only marginally so.


Finally, I tested both processors using the in game benchmarking tools of several titles. Games were running on the default or normal settings, at 1920 x 1080 with v-sync and antialiasing turned off.


Surprising no-one at this point, the results are incredibly similar between both processors with such a tiny improvement going to the 7870K that it’s almost not worth mentioning.

Tomb Raider proved to be perfectly playable at these settings, while Thief and particularly Hitman struggled somewhat. I ran these tests specifically on higher resolutions as generally most gamers are looking at playing at 1920 x 1080 these days, but it’s worth noting that dropping the resolution to say 1280 x 720 would see a significant jump in framerates on both chips.