Removing the previous mentioned thumbscrews needed just a little tickle with a screwdriver, as they were very tight.  Inside we are presented with what appears to be a massive amount of space for such as small case, immediatley you notice a plethora of plates for mounting components and holes and spaces for cable routing and management.


The top plate is removable and well secured with 4 screws, a quick glance at the instruction manual and it reveals that the plate can be used to mount up to 2x 3.5” Hard Drives or 2x 2.5” SSDs.  The side plate is fixed to the case with rivets (i would have prefered screw mountings) and offers up another selection of mounting options for either 1x3.5 Hard Drive or 1x2.5 SSD with space as well for 2x80mm cooling fans (although the manual does suggest the cooling fans might not fit if you have a graphics card installed in the PCI slots)
The front panel is easily removed with a little pull from the bottom, removing this reveals a 120mm fan attached to the main frame of the case, behind the mesh front.  The cables for the front panel are routed through a handy access port.


The motherboard is mounted on 4 traditional screw stand offs and when in place you have plenty of space remaining at the front of the case for a 120mm radiator.  If you decided to go down the route of a traditional cooler remember that the PSU floats directly above the motherboard meaning you will need a cooler smaller than 76mm tall, (not a problem for the stock coolers, just don’t expect your Noctua NH-U12 to fit ?)

For a power supply unit the case supports standard ATX units, with my experience building in the Elite 120 cases I would recommend a modular power supply, so you don’t have to bother routing all the un-used cables and connectors.


PCI cards, most ITX boards just have the 1 PCI-e slot, but as mentioned previously Cooler Master have included a couple of removable PCI slots to allow you to fit a double backplate graphics card.  Your graphics card choice might be a bit limited however as you only have a length 210mm to play with.  A quick check on our graphics cards section reveals a couple of R7 260x models that should fit, along with the Mini GeForce GTX 760 cards from MSI and Asus.  A good choice might be to go for the GeForce GTX 750Ti cards, they are easily small enough to fit and also provide a large amount of bang for your buck – Check out the roundup of the GTX 750 and GTX 750Ti here.