The Arctic i30 CO is designed for enthusiasts and after fitting it to my machine it performed brilliantly. I actually had to borrow a processor to be able to put this to the test, so with borrowed 2500K in board let’s get to testing.

During testing, the room temperature remained at a steady 23 degrees and the popular Prime 95 was used to stress test the CPU.

With no load the i30 CO had the i5 covered pretty well. With the temperatures hovering 9-10 degrees above the idle temperature.

Firing up Prime 95 and cranking up the settings shows where my case fails slightly in cooling, despite its large front fan, but the i30 CO was more than capable of keeping the processor under wraps.

After running the torture test, the Freezer i30 CO was capable of keeping the i5 temperatures between 29-30 degrees over the room temperature. Which was a boost over the stock cooler when used, which had a far larger load temperature of 60-65 degrees over room temperature.

Noise wise the Arctic Freezer i30 CO shines just as well, with an almost inaudible whirr over the noise of the rest of my hardware, under load this goes up but in my testing it never gets above a slight whirr.


Arctic are a company with a very good lineup of products, chances are you have used their Freezer products before. What Arctic have here is a product that lives up to that pedigree. It performed solidly in my tests and whilst fiddly to fit performs brilliantly.

The build quality of the Freezer i30 CO is good as well, although because the plastic fan clip does not have any real tension it does feel a little loose even after clipping it into place.

Arctic back the Freezer i30 CO with a brilliant 6 year warranty and is a very affordable cooler with it being available for around 35 pounds.

I would like to thank Arctic for providing me with this item to review.