Both Tunguska headsets come in the same colour orange box as the Vintorez – so yes exceptionally bright once again.


The boxes like the specifications differ only slightly, with the 7.1 version stating that it is a USB connection rather than the 3.5mm jacks which are used on the normal 2.0 headset.

Otherwise the colour of the headset itself is once again used as the main image on the box of the headset. So what we have here are a Green and a White/Orange model, the design of the headset is the same across both versions.


The rear of the boxes once again, are almost the same once again, with the 7.1 model having a slightly more information relating to the Virtual 7.1 surround sound that it is equipped with.

Once again all of the features are written in many different languages.


Inside the flaps are windows which allow you to see the headsets, and also which colour scheme you have chosen. The 2.0 model is available in several solid colours, whilst the 7.1 model is available in white with different colour highlights.

Getting them both out of the box is simple enough, as they are both held in place by a clear plastic mould which slides out the top of the box easy enough.