At work I am lucky enough to have a mechanical keyboard already and I use Cherry MX Black switches, but the Ducky I am reviewing uses the lighter Cherry MX Red switches I found even this slight change quite annoying and it did lead to one or two errors whilst typing, but after a short period of getting accustomed to the keyboard all was well again. Cherry Red switches are not what I would normally use for day to day use, I would have preferred one of the other switches such as Blue, Brown or Black because these either have a tactile feel or have more resistance which I am used to typing with.



After this I moved onto using the keyboard in games, which is where it seemed more at home, I decided to use the keyboard in the games that I had available, but I started with my favourite FPS games as the keyboard lent itself to that type of game.  I started with Counter Strike:Global Offensive and then Battlefield 3 I am pleased to say it handled these with aplomb although again coming from Cherry Blacks did cause me to bottom out the keys quite often which meant that playing on this keyboard was quite a loud experience, although when using a headset this wasn’t much of an issue to me – but it did annoy people in the office.

I then moved onto They Bleed Pixels and Super Meat Boy which often require quick keyboard controls and in later levels can be extremely hard but once again the Ducky Shine 3 had no issues here and all key presses were painstakingly recreated at much amusement as the character deaths piled up with much blood being spread through the levels