The way to format your hard drive within Windows 8 differs in only one way; the way to get to disk management. Once you are in the disk management window, you can follow Step 4 onwards within the Windows 7 guide on page 1 which will take you through the remaining steps.

Step 1

The quickest way to get to the disk management window in Windows 8, is to simply right click in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. To help you gauge when you are in the right area, a small popup window will appear which will show the desktop or start window (in our example the start window is shown)


When you right click another window will appear which will have a list of options. In this list is disk management, so go ahead and select it from the list.


Step 2

This is what the disk management window looks like within Windows 8, from this point onwards the remainder of the guide is the same as with the Windows 7 guide, specifically the steps from Step 4 are the ones you will need to follow.