CCL’s bestselling Gaming PC is reduced for this weekend ONLY! A gaming PC that our customers have judged cream of the crop has got £19.99 off. Perfect for playing all of the latest games like Battlefield 3, Sim City and World of Warcraft – this really is an offer you don’t want to miss!

The CCL Elite Hawk II is the evolution of our best ever selling Gaming PC. Blending all of the latest hardware into what we believe is the best combination for all round performance across FPS, RTS, MMORPG, Action RPG, Racing and other games the Hawk II will give hours of enjoyment at a fraction of the cost of a traditional gaming PC.

The AMD Radeon HD graphics card enables higher frame-rates in today’s hottest games, Battlefield 3 for example on the largest 64 player Caspian Boarder map will run on Medium/High settings at a resolution of 1920x1080 with no slowdown; no matter how hectic the action gets! Battlefield 3 really has to be seen to be believed, no game this decade has pushed the boundaries of what is possible on a gaming PC as this title has!

Diablo III is arguably 2012’s must have gaming title, with record sales there is a good chance you either play the game or know someone who does! It is easy to see why the game is so popular, development began way back in 2001 and the developer Blizzard constantly honed and tweaked the game until it was the best it could possibly be. With intensive graphical effects and some of the most frantic action ever seen in an action RPG Diablo III can be a test of the system, thankfully the Hawk II is up to the test with the high performance AMD FX processor really coming into its own.

The expanded hard drive capacity allows you to install more games, store more pictures and record more movies than was possible in the past for this price, the added freedom that not looking over your shoulder at hard drive capacities brings can be liberating – especially when the hottest games can weigh in at over 30GB each!

With support for Solid State Hard Drives, six and eight core AMD FX processors, Blu-Ray drives and more powerful graphics cards the Hawk II has the upgradability to keep you in the game for years to come.